Project Manager
Maxim Kottov
I am a marketer with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in website creation, advertising, and marketing campaigns. I have worked for both B2B and B2C companies, as well as in agencies. For the past two years, I have been working with small and medium-sized businesses in the IT company Yandex. I have extensive experience in training, designing, and preparing marketing events.
July 2021 — till present
July 2021 — till present
Technical Specialist in Customer Development (Analyst)
I have been engaged in analyzing and strategically planning to increase advertising potential, preparing analytical reports, developing and monitoring the implementation of individual development plans. I have trained junior colleagues, conducted training sessions to enhance the skills of my team, and achieved significant increases in customer budgets as well as contributing to industry market analytics and improving the analytical effectiveness of the department. I also participated in recruiting new employees.

Responsibilities and results →
Oct. 2019 — June 2021
Oct. 2019 — June 2021
Team leader of the Contextual Advertising Department
Serenity Agency, marketing agency,
Managed the organization of the team's work, developed the media and commercial plans, conducted advertising campaigns on Yandex Direct and Google Ads, and audited them. I also developed the direction and prepared cases, as well as implemented new services that increased profits. I recruited staff and conducted educational programs at the Marketing School. The revenue of our department significantly increased, and I successfully established collaborations with key partners, resulting in a successful outcome.

Responsibilities and results →
Sep. 2018 — Oct. 2019
Sep. 2018 — Oct. 2019
Internet marketer
Fitness House, federal network of fitness clubs,
I am responsible for setting up, optimizing, analyzing the effectiveness of, and managing the budget for contextual advertising as well as creating websites and ads, working with geoservices and SEO, and coordinating with advertising agencies. As a result of my efforts, I have successfully implemented advertising campaigns that have improved the online visibility of the branches, increased the conversion rate of websites, and increased company revenue.

Responsibilities and results →
May 2013 — August 2018
May 2013 — August 2018
Advertising Manager
COMPLETE, engineering and IT infrastructures,
I have worked on the development and implementation of advertising campaigns, website support and optimization, marketing materials creation, internet and social media promotion, and corporate event organization. I successfully launched and promoted a new online platform, data center, websites and service centers. I also developed an application management system and efficiently utilized partner funds.

Responsibilities and results →
Dec. 2009 — May 2013
Dec. 2009 — May 2013
Advertising Manager
DORADO, security technologies,
I have developed and implemented effective advertising strategies that have contributed to the success of the company, supported and optimized its website, created compelling marketing materials and engaging video content. I have also successfully introduced new business opportunities and executed corporate identity strategies.

Responsibilities and results →
  • Detailed analysis of the customer database and identification of potential advertisers.
  • Development of a strategy to expand the customer base with a corresponding budget forecast.
  • Production of analytical reports on client advertising placement and recommendations.
  • Creation of development plans for advertisers and QBR.
  • Monitoring of the implementation of advertiser development strategies.
  • Support and guidance of junior staff.
  • Organization of workshops and training sessions for technical specialists.
  • Acting as the team leader in the absence of the regular leader.
  • The budget for key clients has been increased by 2 times, resulting in a high return on investments.
  • 4 junior specialists have been successfully trained, achieving their KPIs.
  • Market analytics has been prepared for several conferences.
  • Several projects have been implemented to improve the depth and quality of analytics as well as the efficiency of the department.
  • 6 new specialists were hired, and I conducted testing and interviews.
  • Management of department operations and team formation (3–5 specialists).
  • Creation of media plans, and commercial proposals.
  • Monitoring and managing advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Yandex Direct).
  • Direction development (creation of case studies, new service development, profit increase).
  • Expanding the marketing team by hiring new specialists.
  • Training students in the marketing school.
  • I have been a specialist for one year and was promoted to head of the department.
  • I formed a team of five specialists, both permanent and contract employees.
  • I started working with partners such as Yandex and Google.
  • I prepared a training program and conducted training for marketing students.
  • The revenue of my department increased from 10% to 30% each quarter.
  • Setup and optimization of contextual advertising for various projects (such as fitness club networks with 60 branch locations in 11 different cities of the Russian Federation, trainer school networks in 9 different cities of the RF, and entertainment centers). 
  • Review and report on the success of advertising campaigns. 
  • Budget management and media planning for advertising. 
  • Self-creation of Tilda-based websites and advertisements. 
  • Interaction with geo-service providers such as 2GIS, Yandex, and Google. 
  • Optimizing, promoting, and improving the usability of websites. 
  • Contracting out advertising work on the Internet.
  • Managed more than 60 successful marketing campaigns.
  • Organized and connected all branches across geo-services.
  • Initiated work with customer reviews and reputation management.
  • Optimized website content for search engine ranking, and created a plan for website development.
  • Automated reporting in Google Data Studio, and tracked expenses and leads per traffic source.
  • Designed several landing pages for fitness centers, increasing conversion rates by 1.5 to 2 times.
  • Developed websites for entertainment and fitness centers.
  • Launched a new website for the fitness trainer school, resulting in a 4-fold increase in applications and a 1.8-fold increase in revenue.
  • Developing promotional event plans and their implementation, as well as evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Creating, maintaining and modernizing company websites.
  • Developing advertising and information materials, including videos and presentations, for use on the company websites.
  • Supplying all branches with promotional materials and company branding elements.
  • Participating in the organization of corporate events, such as invitations, stands and press walls, as well as in printing and souvenir production.
  •  Optimizing and promoting company websites using SEO and contextual advertising methods.
  • Participating in developing social media pages for the company.
  • Developed a project to unify 7 service centers and 50 partner organizations on a single Internet platform –
  • Supported the project to bring the data center to commercial operation, creating a website and developing an advertising strategy.
  • Led the project to develop a new company's website.
  • Branded and prepared the opening of service centers in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, and other cities.
  • Led the development of a repair request system for service departments.
  • Efficiently managed marketing budgets for partners, including HP, Aruba and Cisco, resulting in increased funding for new initiatives.
  • Developed websites for subsidiary and partner organizations.
  • Developing reclamation plans, measures, and their implementation, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of these plans and measures.
  • Modifying and maintaining the company's web page.
  • Promoting the company's webpage through SEO and contextual advertising, as well as managing its social media presence.
  • Creating advertising layouts, souvenirs, and other informational materials for the company.
  • Developing new, promising areas for the company to focus on.
  • Producing promotional videos and creating presentations.
  • Designed the company's logo and corporate image (still in use today).
  • Developed the company's website (CMS Joomla).
  • Optimized the website for search engines and brought it into the top 10 results on Yandex and Google for the company's main areas of activity.
  • Created and launched 2 new business lines into the marketplace.
Higher education
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Specialist in Publishing
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Professional Development, Courses
Fundamentals of Project Management,
Yandex / 2023

Advanced course on Tilda,
School of Design Tilda Publishing / 2020

Advanced training in the Contextual Advertising program,
Netology / 2019

Advanced training in the Web Analytics program,
Netology / 2018

Advanced training in the Digital Marketing program,
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics / 2017
English — B1
Serbian — A1
Russian — Native
Tech Stack
  • Advertising
    • Yandex Direct
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
  • Data
    • Yandex Metrika
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Data Studio
    • Yandex Data Lens
    • Google Tag Manager
    • SQL (основы)
  • Design and web
    • Figma
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Tilda
    • WordPress
    • HTML (основы)